Stefano Mastronardi

Music And Sounds Inspire Me

Sound Designer, Music Producer, Audio Producer and Composer, based in Milan, Italy. 

Owner of Wave Audio Studio –

  • 500+ music tracks produced
  • 250+ completed projects in audio industry
  • 8 commercial album
  • 17+ years of experience
  • Countless placements in TV, media and video productions.

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What I Do

Music Production

I make music mainly for the library/production music world, working with selected libraries worldwide and I create custom music for directors and agencies. But not only. Frequently I release my own music in which I like to surf across music styles. Above all, I’m a studio addict.

Mixing and Sound Design

In studio I mix my own music and those from other artist. Usually I like to release sample packs.

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+39 339 6820 171

Explore Music

Need music?

Clicke below to explore my brand new music store.

Here you can buy a license and use the purchased track in your video and media projects. 

All tracks are free from any Content ID, so you can monetise your video without any claim.

All tracks are sold in a non-exclusive way.

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Original Soundtrack

Custom music for every needs that add a special value to your projects.

Sound Design

Over 15+ of experience in creating sounds for a variety of needs.

Mixing and Post

Got already recorded tracks? I can mix them for you in a final track.