Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With a license purchase you can use the music in your video projects.

Yes. With a license purchase you can use the music in your social media.

Yes. Royalty-free music simplify the licensing process eliminating backend royalties, charging a clear and simple one-time fee. This payment covers the usage of music tracks for the duration of your project, with no additional charges.

Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system that identifies copyrighted material on YouTube videos. Music tracks within the Content ID database are compared against the music used in videos across YouTube and matches are identified.

Yes. The tracks on the site are free from any Content ID and they had not been fingerprinted. 

Yes. Since the tracks are free from any Content ID, you can monetize your video.

Yes. I create custom music based on your project needs. I work on several styles such as orchestral, indie, electronic, beats and more.

Yes, you can use the music in broadcast and TV. However, the broadcasters (i.e.: TV channel) may be subject to additional royalties according to its standard local PRO agreement.

Yes. All my tunes are registered with a PRO but if you don’t use the tracks for broadcast purpose, you are not obliged to pay other fees. In case you should use the tracks on television, contact me and I will provide you all the details for the broadcaster.